“And You Thought YOUR Family Was Crazy”

A Grace & Inspiration Production

And You Thought YOUR Family Was Crazy” is the comedic story of a family in crisis that gathers together for Easter dinner and discovers the true meaning of love, forgiveness and Divine intervention. Featuring soulful songs of love and inspiration by the songwriter/vocalist Wril Love, the story follows the often tense, yet hilarious interactions between family members and guests seemingly at war with each other, yet trying to make the best of the sacred holiday. The drama centers around the family patriarch, a cynical retired lawyer dying from an alcohol-related illness, his two sons – one a singer, the other a pimp, an embattled minister, a gangbanger, a mysterious stranger, and a mother doing her best to keep her sanity amidst the chaos and hold the family together. It will take a miracle for this family to find peace and realize the power of the cross. Through the laughter and the tears, “And You Thought YOUR Family Was Crazy” is a story that will touch your heart and restore your Faith, Joy, Peace and Love.


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