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Reflecting on “Taking It Back!” with Dick Gregory


A BIG thank you to all guests and sponsors for Grace & Inspiration presents Taking It Back! with Dick Gregory. It was indeed a remarkable success because of you! Dr. Gregory showed up and showed out!  The legendary comic, civil rights activist, health enthusiast, and author did not fail to deliver. Gregory not only challenged our assumptions, but also imparted nuggets of wisdom. We were educated, entertained and instructed to be aware and engage our world through eyes of distinction.

From the shared audience experience to the individual meet and greet and even to the historical relevance of The Ritz, there was  something for everyone. The positive event testimonials received have been overwhelmingly inspiring. We are delighted to share with you.

As head of the security team, film director Rasheem Pugh, spent quality time with Dick Gregory. Pugh shared some of their exchange and noted the large volume of material Gregory read. When asked what he (Gregory) did for fun and to find peace, Dick Gregory answered, “I speak”. In reference to his reading selections ranging from newspapers to magazines, Dick Gregory said, “I read it all to find the cracks in between. They all leave something out.”

What is the takeaway? Read, reflect, seek answers and speak. What better time to do precisely this than now? It is now and today is the day we must empower one another and continue to build our legacy based on the knowledge, wisdom and power from past to present.

Comedian Simpli Net shared her sentiments regarding Taking It Back! held at the historic Ritz Theatre. Sent via text to Valerie D. Johnson (Co-Host) and myself, “Hello guys, hope you are having a great day. Talked to my father last night and I wanted to share. Was talking to my father last night about Dick Gregory and the Ritz Theatre. Had no idea my grandfather owned the building next door and had a cafe in it. My father was adopted as an infant and his birth mother met my grandparents in the Ritz and his exchange was made outside of the theatre over 70 years ago. I am positive it would have been very emotional for me had I known on Saturday. I would never have known about this part of my “Black History” had it not been for Grace and Inspiration. Thank you guys for allowing me to be apart of this team!”

We are all walking in destiny. I am not certain how many of us truly recognize the importance of individual participation in our community. We really are turning moments into memories!

Remember, from the youngest to the oldest, we all have a responsibility to answer the world with an appropriate response to poverty, health and wellness, politics and religion. “Don’t guess nigga!” was the response from Dr. Gregory to each of us. So today, don’t guess, but be certain to impact everyone you come in contact with. Let love be your guide!

The meaningful impression each of you made was history making and for that, the Grace & Inspiration team and I thank you. The Washington Historic District of High Point thanks you. Partial proceeds benefited the High Point Fine Arts Guild renovation project located within the district.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions. What and where would you like to see next? We welcome you to become a host/sponsor of a Grace & Inspiration event.

Please stand with us as we step out on faith and provide Grace & Inspiration to our wonderful communities. Again, thank you!

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